Our first houseboat arrived on Friday, March 19! It is 16’x73’ and it looks great! This is the 6 bedroom houseboat with the wet bar and hot tub on the top deck. Isn’t it something to see that large boat sitting on a semi trailer? Can you believe they traveled all the way from Kentucky?! As you can see, it comes “unassembled” with everything off of the top deck. The Lakeview crew spent about 4 hours putting all the rails, hot tub, flybridge, and wet bar on the top deck before they put it in the water. After it is in the water and tied up at the dock, they have to put on the canvas, do all the electrical hook ups, and much, much more.

After they are done, it is my turn. Now I will go in and clean and then add the finishing touches. This includes getting the rest of the furniture in place, stocking the kitchen, and setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms. As you can see by the photos, I haven’t gotten my job done yet! I will post more photos after it is all done but I know that all of you are anxious to have a look at the new houseboats.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the lake!

Nancy Long