Hello everyone,

This year will be Five Star Houseboat Vacations fourth year in business. Dave and I have had some great adventures in our first three years.  I say ‘adventure’ because that is what owning this fun business has been for us! We never could have imagined all the adventures we have experienced. Our first year was well, the first year.  It was a very fun and exciting year with A LOT of learning experiences. We had many teachers….our crew members, our guests, and life itself. It was a great first year!!

The second year we started with record breaking spring flooding! You know that big bridge? The water was lapping at the highway! We soon found out what the water level had to be so that the houseboats could go under the bridge to get to that end of the lake. However, the lake flooding did make for some GREAT beaching spots that normally we couldn’t use. So we got the good with the bad!

Year three brought us the leap day tornado. WOW! The damage to us, the marina, and the Kimberling City area was unbelievable not to mention the damage in Branson. I will never forget looking out at the dock in the early light of dawn and thinking “what is that big wall at the end of the dock?”.  I was seeing the top deck of a houseboat that had been turned on its’ side and been placed on the walkway of the dock. How were we going to get that moved??? We figured out how to do a lot of things this past year in order to get up and running after the tornado! I have to mention that we couldn’t have done it without the tremendous amount of help we received from our local craftsmen, businesses, and our Five Star crew members.

We are VERY excited about this year! We are adding a 7 bedroom houseboat to our line and are anxious to hear your reviews.  That makes boat number 7 in our fleet!

Dave and I have felt so blessed to have had such success with this new business venture of ours. We have met some amazing people these last three years and enjoyed seeing the many wonderful vacations everyone has had with us.

So, whether you are coming back or vacationing with us for the first time…….Welcome. You are going to have a great vacation aboard a Five Star houseboat! Let the new adventures begin!
See you at the lake!


Dave and Nancy