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It is January 2016 and we are getting ready to start our 7th year on Table Rock Lake! Like every year, we are planning some new things for 2016 and are really excited for spring!

One of the six bedroom houseboats, Royal Palms, has a new look inside with new floors, window coverings, spreads, etc. We are also changing out the hot tub for one with a little different design. We are “sprucing up” some features on the other houseboats in keeping with our commitment to keep every boat “looking like new”.  This is the fun part for me since I get to use my interior design background. Not so much for Dave since he does all the work!! 🙂  We DO have a lot of fun working here!!

This year we are thrilled to have my son, David and his family join the Five Star team. David has a boating background (of course!) and he is a diesel mechanic and a building contractor. He helped rebuild us after the tornado. David’s wife, ShanaLynne, is a banker and has a job with a local bank. They have 4 children who love being at the lake! David and his family have moved here from Iowa and they are excited to start this new adventure with Five Star. You will see David around on the dock and driving the houseboats this summer. I have a BIG list for him to do this year!!

Things are always happening at Five Star and we have a lot of FUN. Come join us and be a part of our adventure!

See you at the lake!

Dave and Nancy


Hello everyone,

We will be celebrating our 5th year in business at Five Star Houseboat Vacations this year!! Wow, has time gone by fast! Who would have ever dreamed that as we were sitting up late at night drawing up business plans for the bank ‘guessing’ at what we could expect the next five years to be like, that we would be where we are today. Needless to say, we have exceeded our expectations!!! (and theirs!)

Dave and I would like to again thank everyone who has supported us and encouraged us these past years. We are having a great time and have met some wonderful people as they come to Table Rock Lake to vacation with us. Dave and I are truly living our dream!
We will continue to strive to make this the BEST vacation you have ever taken as well as the most FUN and RELAXING one! Our high standards that we set at the beginning will remain the same. We have a wonderful crew that works hard to keep the houseboats “new” and clean. We strive to have great customer service and hope that you continue giving us feedback on what we do right as well as ways we can improve.

We have another 7 bedroom houseboat being added to the fleet this year. Back by popular demand!!! So MANY families joined together for family vacations/reunions and had such a great time we had to add another one to fill the requests.

Come celebrate with us this year! Join the FUN!

You are going to have a great vacation aboard a Five Star houseboat!

See you at the lake!

Dave and Nancy


Hello everyone,

This year will be Five Star Houseboat Vacations fourth year in business. Dave and I have had some great adventures in our first three years.  I say ‘adventure’ because that is what owning this fun business has been for us! We never could have imagined all the adventures we have experienced. Our first year was well, the first year.  It was a very fun and exciting year with A LOT of learning experiences. We had many teachers….our crew members, our guests, and life itself. It was a great first year!!

The second year we started with record breaking spring flooding! You know that big bridge? The water was lapping at the highway! We soon found out what the water level had to be so that the houseboats could go under the bridge to get to that end of the lake. However, the lake flooding did make for some GREAT beaching spots that normally we couldn’t use. So we got the good with the bad!

Year three brought us the leap day tornado. WOW! The damage to us, the marina, and the Kimberling City area was unbelievable not to mention the damage in Branson. I will never forget looking out at the dock in the early light of dawn and thinking “what is that big wall at the end of the dock?”.  I was seeing the top deck of a houseboat that had been turned on its’ side and been placed on the walkway of the dock. How were we going to get that moved??? We figured out how to do a lot of things this past year in order to get up and running after the tornado! I have to mention that we couldn’t have done it without the tremendous amount of help we received from our local craftsmen, businesses, and our Five Star crew members.

We are VERY excited about this year! We are adding a 7 bedroom houseboat to our line and are anxious to hear your reviews.  That makes boat number 7 in our fleet!

Dave and I have felt so blessed to have had such success with this new business venture of ours. We have met some amazing people these last three years and enjoyed seeing the many wonderful vacations everyone has had with us.

So, whether you are coming back or vacationing with us for the first time…….Welcome. You are going to have a great vacation aboard a Five Star houseboat! Let the new adventures begin!
See you at the lake!


Dave and Nancy


Ribbon Cutting

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago we had our ribbon cutting with the Table Rock Chamber of Commerce. It was a beautiful evening and was attended by over 100 business owners and their friends. We felt very blessed to have so many people come to wish us well in our new business.

We have been busy getting all four houseboats ready for summer! Hot tubs are filled, kitchens are stocked, slides are running, lounge chairs are in position, and now the houseboats are just ready for all of you to arrive and enjoy!

We are so excited to meet all of you that have booked your vacation with us. We know you are going to have a great time aboard these new houseboats with your families and friends. What a great summer we are going to have!! Surprise parties, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, family reunions – they are all happening at Five Star!

Any of you that haven’t already made a reservation with us, we still have openings for this summer and fall. Call me today and get in on the fun!!!!!

See you at the lake! Summer is almost here!

Nancy and Dave


Our first houseboat arrived on Friday, March 19! It is 16’x73’ and it looks great! This is the 6 bedroom houseboat with the wet bar and hot tub on the top deck. Isn’t it something to see that large boat sitting on a semi trailer? Can you believe they traveled all the way from Kentucky?! As you can see, it comes “unassembled” with everything off of the top deck. The Lakeview crew spent about 4 hours putting all the rails, hot tub, flybridge, and wet bar on the top deck before they put it in the water. After it is in the water and tied up at the dock, they have to put on the canvas, do all the electrical hook ups, and much, much more.

After they are done, it is my turn. Now I will go in and clean and then add the finishing touches. This includes getting the rest of the furniture in place, stocking the kitchen, and setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms. As you can see by the photos, I haven’t gotten my job done yet! I will post more photos after it is all done but I know that all of you are anxious to have a look at the new houseboats.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the lake!

Nancy Long